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by Kath Pinnock on 14 October, 2016

There was a special meeting of all Kirklees Councillors on Wednesday 12 October to make a decision on the Local Plan. The Local Plan sets out the policies for new developments for the next 15 or so years. Crucially, it also allocates sites for new housing developments and for businesses.
The Government sets the rules for the Local Plan eg for the number of new houses. The Government also has the final say in the content of the Local Plan. So it is only local in the sense that it affects where we live. The Government has the biggest say in what it should be like.
I think Local Plans should be decided by those people who will be affected ie residents and their elected representatives.
I and all the Liberal Democrat Councillors voted against the Local Plan at the Council meeting.

This what the Local Plan, as now agreed by a majority of the Councillors present, means for Cleckheaton ward. On the maps that follow: the sandy brown areas are housing sites and are also marked with an “H” and the purple areas marked “E” are for employment ie business development.

For Hightown: good news – the housing site off Hightown Road has been removed and the site remains allocated as Green Belt.

Good news: the proposed housinhg site off Hightown Road has been removed from the plan

Good news: the proposed housinhg site off Hightown Road has been removed from the plan

For Hartshead Moor Top:
One of the housing sites is on the former Special School site.
Local Plan Hartshead Moor Top amended 1016

For the centre of Cleckheaton
The only surprise is that the sweet factory site is allocated for housing.
Local Plan Cleckheaton 1016

For Scholes: the bad news is that the Council has persisted with the proposal for a business site next to the cemetery on Whitechapel Road and going down to the A58.
The other shock is that the site off Oddfellows Street which was to be so-called safeguarded land (ie a housing site after about 15 years) is re-allocated as a housing site. This means houses could be built there within the next few years.
Local Plan Scholes amended 1016

For Oakenshaw: there are no surprises except it shows in purple and red strips the possible line of a new link road between the M62 and M606.Local Plan Oakenshaw amended 1016

And for Hunsworth: there is mixed news. The safeguarded site either side of Mill Lane has been removed and the land re-allocated as Green Belt. The bad news is that Merchant Fields is still a housing site. The business part has been removed and replaced with 60 more houses making about 380 in all. At Brookfields the site is still there but with a strong recommendation that there should be no building on the land that floods every year up to 4 feet!
Local Plan Hunsworth 1016

As this is now a very long post, I’ll write separately about the next steps. Do contact me for more information.

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